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Hodgdon Yacht Services is a fully authorized dealer of Yamaha outboard motors, located in Midcoast Maine. After 29 years as an authorized Yamaha Service Center, we are now certified to sell the full line of engines, which ranges from 2.5 to 350 HP. Our team of technicians provide excellent service, are experienced with engine repowers, have comprehensive product knowledge, and can help with Yamaha outboard repair. We can also handle Yamaha parts and accessories installation.


Yamaha is dedicated to pushing outboard technology and creating a better boating experience. Their innovative motors lower ownership and operational costs, increase reliability, fuel efficiency, and ease of boating - offering more uninterrupted hours on the water.

Yamaha has been recognized with the National Marine Manufacturers Association Customer Satisfaction Index Award for excellence in customer satisfaction in the Outboard Engine category. The award has been presented fifteen consecutive times to Yamaha.

For pricing information or to learn more about the outboard motor that is right for you contact Nate Hopkins, Outboard Service Manager - 207-633-2970 or fill out the form below.

Yamaha F90 Outboard Motor
Quad V8 F350C Motors on Hydrasports
F2.5 Yamaha Outboard Motor
Yamaha Triple V8 F350Cs on Pursuit
Yamaha V MAX SHO 250 Outboard Motor
Southport with Twin 350 Engines
Twin Yamaha Outboards on Sportsman
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