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Heat Exchanger Maintenance

During winterization sea trials, the temperature of the water going into the coolers of a Hinckley Picnic Boat was tested verses the water coming out. The difference between the two was less than 10 degrees, when it should 15 degrees or greater. Therefore, it was determined that the heat exchangers needed to be cleaned for the powerplants to continue functioning properly.

The first step involved removing the transmission cooler, heat exchanger, after cooler, and oil cooler. The pieces then had to have each tube unsoldered from the bundle and dipped into an acid bath (to clean off calcium deposits and marine growth). After pressure testing for leaks, the parts were painted and reinstalled.

All I/O and inboard engine manufacturers recommend that this work be done every 3-5 years. By using a product that can dissolve the calcuim, the maintenance period can be extended. For more information, talk to your Service Manager or contact us.

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