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Torqeedo Electric Outboard on Bridges Point 24

The owner of Glissade, a Bridges Point 24, is a lifelong, dedicated sailor who has used the boat as a pure sailing vessel since her purchase. Over the years, the challenges of returning to the harbor were becoming increasingly difficult. Initially, an attempt was made to use a gas powered outboard, but the weight of the engine and the need to carry fuel to and from the boat were slowly undermining the pleasure of sailing.

After this first failed attempt, the owner came to HYS for a more radical and user friendly alternative. After considering multiple options, the yard installed a Torqeedo electric outboard. Its extended shaft and electric operation are perfectly suited to Glissade and the owner’s expectations. Utilizing an ingeniously designed mount available from Ballentines, the Torqeedo 1003 moves Glissade effortlessly and quietly through the water.

At the end of an afternoon sail her owner simply removes the Lithium battery from the outboard and brings it home to recharge. A simple and elegant solution that will keep Glissade and her owner continuing to sail for many years to come.


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