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Maine Boatyard

"Although our time spent in Maddock Cove this past season was shorter than we had hoped, and our return in September was eventually cancelled due to hurricanes Hermine and Matthew, our stay at Hodgdon during June/July were the highlight of our 2016 sailing season.

I must apologize in advance because although I tried to think of some suggestions to offer for improvement, I came up empty handed. The fact that the docks run so safely, and seamlessly, is a credit to your wealth of experience and overall guidance as Dockmaster. Thank you for all of your efforts, and for welcoming us to Hodgdon, and Maddock Cove, these past two seasons.

I could gush on about the amazing location, location, location, endless wildlife, well-designed mooring field, convenient fuel dock, lovely flower boxes and seating on the upper deck, and spotless toilets and showers, but I truly believe it is the people that make the difference at Hodgdon on Southport. With Peter and Lynn assisting you on the docks, and with facility operations, you have a winning combination. The level of professionalism, and attention that they show to every boat owner, sets a wonderful tone for all of your junior dock staff. David and I (plus Little Belle) have always received warm greetings, and multiple offers of help, every time we arrived dockside.

I guess the only suggestion I can offer is to not change a thing! As a transient boater that has experience sailing along the New England coast, and through the Caribbean and the Bahamas, your marina is at the top of my list.

We look forward to seeing you next spring."

- Pat Kozak | Hinckley Sailboat

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