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"We live on an Island in the summer. No electricity or running water. That means for us, Hodgdon Yacht Services on Southport is more than the place where we keep our boat and get gas. It is also our "driveway." It is our UPS delivery location. It's our laundry room. It's where Colby & Gale leaves our propane tanks. In days past, before cell phones, it served as our "answering machine" on more than one occasion. Now it is our WiFi hotspot. On cold, foggy days, it provides very welcome warm showers. This week, thanks to Amy Armstrong the Dockmaster and our friend, it became my therapist by relieving a lot of anxiety!

With no way to check on our place over the winter, we cringed at every storm that hit Maine this winter. This year seemed especially bad. We had visions of some 140 year-old spruce tumbling through our house, felled by the wind and the snow. We imagined walking up our path in May and seeing generations of memories smashed and gone forever.

I shared that worry with Amy when she called last week. She must have caught how much this was worrying me, costing me sleep sometimes, because she then got in a boat (with some helpers - a huge thank you to you, too!) and went out to check on my place. she called this morning to say everything was fine with the house, and even sent pictures to prove it! (I caption the one below, "Phew!") We have some downed trees to clean up, but that is par for the course.

Thank you Amy! I'll sleep tonight! See you in a few weeks!"

-Jeff Conover

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