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Cape Dory 300 Cruiser Refit

After cruising over 25,000 miles on a Passport 47, the owners began looking for a retirement boat that would be easily handled, comfortable, provide protection from the elements, and reliable in every way. They found a 30’ 1986 Cape Dory 300 motor sailor named Demitasse that suited their requirements, but needed upgrades.

The Southport refit team was tasked with updating systems and cosmetics to provide the reliability and appearance that the owners were looking for. The decks, house, and topsides were repaired and painted. A new Yanmar diesel engine was installed. The bottom was soda-blasted and a barrier coat was applied. The steering was upgraded from wire to a hydraulic system and an autopilot was installed. The electrical system was modernized and sail handling systems were improved to make it possible to douse the sails from the pilothouse.

Having a skilled team work on this project enabled the owners to get the classic cruising boat they wanted. Demitasse is small enough to be easily managed by two people, yet beamy enough (11 ½ ft) to provide ample room for the couple down below. A key feature is the boat’s pilothouse, which increases the living space, offers shelter from the elements, and allows the owners to cruise during the shoulder seasons in the early spring and late fall.

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