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Hay-Val, an early 1960's cold molded sport fisherman built by Brownell in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts is undergoing a fair amount of work at Hodgdon Yacht Services.

Work has included:

  • Removing aft third of hull planking from chine to sheer, replacing frames as needed. Re-planking using Sipo mahogany of the same scantlings. Middle and outer layers were vacuum bagged using WEST System Epoxy.

  • Replacing deck frames, as needed.

  • Replacing sections of fore and side deck ply at hull/deck joint.

  • Replacing upper portion of stem and breast hook.

  • Replacing teak covering boards along entire deck.

  • Replacing mahogany guards and spray rails.

  • Replacing portion of laminated transom.

  • Rebuilding transom door and gate.

  • Re-glassing aft portion of hull and transom.

  • Fairing and painting topsides.

The boat was originally constructed with white oak sawn frames on 10" centers. Stringers and sheer clamps were constructed of mahogany, and secondary framing of Douglass fir. The hull was planked with three diagonal layers of mahogany, inner and middle layers 3/16", and outer layer 3/8". It was Resorcinol glued and bronze fastened. The hull bottom previously had been re-planked.

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