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It took several hours and many hands but on November 14th we launched a fine fleet of some 50 battleships—as well as some colorful lawnmowers and bait bags filled with wooden blocks.

The toys, designed and pre-cut by our own Jim Jones and Dave Radtke, were assembled and finished by volunteer staff members as donations for the Toys for Tots program. In total, technicians, admin staff, and managers built 140 toys, which were delivered to Lincoln County Toys for Tots just in time for the run-up to Christmas.

“We all feel good about giving back to the community and sharing with children at Christmas,” said CEO Tim Hodgdon. “Our company, the employees, and everyone who so generously supported our efforts feel very connected with Toys for Tots.”

Materials were donated or sold to us at discount by N.C Hunt in Jefferson, Hancock Lumber in Damariscotta, Ames Supply and Casey’s Wood Products in Wiscasset and Grover’s Hardware in Boothbay Harbor. And the Southport General Store gave a generous discount on pizza for the workers.

Thank you to everyone who took part and, most especially, to Toys for Tots for all they do both nationwide and right here in Lincoln County.

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